This bartender was smoking hot. Unfortunately I didn't end up with a better picture than this.
I would suggest a click to zoom on this one

Chatharsis. I can't believe the amount sound that came out of their tiny lead singer

Suite666. Surprisingly on the ball. Doing good, playing well.

Then came the sideshow

"What were we doing? I can't remember. I got distracted BY THE GUY WITH HOOKS IN HIS EYES"

"Oh yeah, we play songs with these thingys strapped to our necks"

Suite666, back on track

Gilbert, decompressing after a hard set

1/2 Ast. ompletely out of their minds



"Hey babe...whats up?"


"I'm go over"

And they're back with the edict to "Turn it down a notch"

I don't think this qualifies as "Turning it down a notch"